R14-Series Dust Collectors

R14-Series dust collectors are 14-bag deep rectangular units designed for larger air volumes. Although standard sizes go to 420 bags, these units can be custom designed to accommodate almost any length. Units of well over 1000 bags are not uncommon.

R14B-Series: Bottom bag removal, 14-bags per row, 252 to 420 bags

R14D-Series: Top bag removal with roof doors, 14-bags per row, 252 to 420 bags

R14W-Series: Top bag removal with walk-in plenum, 14-bags per row, 252 to 420 bags

Standard Features:

  • Design pressures of 20″ W.G., positive or negative
  • Solid state pulse timer
  • Sizes to 7752 ft² filter area.
  • Flanged inlet with perforated baffle and target plate for even air distribution and reduction of dust loading on bags.
  • Gaskets for temperatures up to 250°F
  • Trough hopper with 10″ wide discharge opening


  • Microprocessor-based dust collector controls
  • Internal man-support platform
  • Pneumatic vibrator
  • Level indicator
  • Auxiliary access port in hopper
  • Abrasion-resistant steel inlet target plate
  • High-temperature gaskets
  • Explosion-proof electricals
  • 9″ Screw conveyor