Pleated Filters

BCE pleated filters are available in a variety of media to suit your process. The following selection guide lists commonly available pleated filter media.

Spun-bond Polyester

• Highly efficient medium, good for most applications.
• Good cake release
• High resistance to abrasion
• Maximum temperature of 275°F.

Spun-bond polyester is also available with the following special finishes:

• Aluminized anti-static surface for full grounding of the element and enhanced dust release. Recommended for use with potentially explosive dusts.
• Oleophobic finish for moist or sticky or oily dusts.
• PTFE laminate for extremely high efficiency and filtration of uniform submicron particulates. PTFE also provides a slick surface for enhanced cake release.

Aramid (Nomex)

• Maximum continuous temperature of 375°F.
• Has excellent strength, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.

Polyphenyline Sulfide (Ryton)

• Maximum continuous temperature of 375°F.
• Superior chemical resistance
• Is available with PTFE laminate


Use in lower temperature applications where chemical environment would degrade polyester. Maximum continuous temperature of 175°F.

Homopolymer acrylic

Can be used in similar environments as polypropylene, but has maximum continuous temperature of 250°F.