C-Series Dust Collectors

BCE C-Series dust collectors are cylindrical units designed for high-vacuum applications, such as pneumatic conveying, as well as for high positive pressure.

CB-Series: Bottom bag removal, 7 to 154 bags

CD-Series: Top bag removal with lift-off head, 7 to 154 bags

CW-Series: Top bag removal with walk-in plenum, 34 to 154 bags

Standard Features:

  • Design pressures up to 17″ Hg, positive or negative
  • Solid state pulse timer
  • Sizes to 10′-0″ diameter and 2849 ft² filter area.
  • Inlet with perforated baffle and target plate for even air distribution and reduction of dust loading on bags.
  • Gaskets for temperatures up to 250°F
  • Lift–off head (CD-Series) with ACME threaded lifting mechanism providing greatest possible friction reduction and ease of lifting.


  • Microprocessor-based dust collector controls
  • Inlet and outlet flanges
  • Internal man-support platform
  • Pneumatic vibrator
  • Level indicator
  • Auxiliary access port in hopper
  • Abrasion-resistant steel inlet target plate
  • High-temperature gaskets
  • Explosion-proof electricals
  • Rotary airlock