Shaker-Type Dust Collectors

BCE has extensive experience designing, supplying and installing solutions for mechanical shaker-type dust collectors.

Mechanical shaker dust collectors have filter bags which are attached to a tubesheet at the bottom of the housing (at the hopper bin line) and suspended from horizontal bars at the top.  Dusty air enters the hopper and is drawn into the bag interiors, where the dust collects on the insides of the bags and clean air passes through the bags and out of the collector. Bags are cleaned off-line when a motor-driven shaft and cam vibrates the bars on which the bags are held, thereby shaking off the dust cake.

BCE Shakers are generally used for intermittent or batch operations, but can be used continuously when the unit is compartmented, so that one compartment at a time can be isolated for cleaning.  Since the cleaning energy is low compared to a pulse-jet, the air-to-cloth ratio must also be kept relatively low.  The main advantages of shaker collectors are simplicity of design and no need for compressed air.  For applications where the dust is relatively easy to collect and an energetic pulse is not needed, shakers can be a good selection.

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