Reverse-Air Dust Collectors

A BCE reverse air dust collector is a fabric filter where the bags are attached to a tube sheet on the bottom of the housing and held by spring hangers at the top, in the same manner as a mechanical shaker.

As with a shaker, dusty air enters the inside of the bag and clean air passes through to the exterior.  Reverse air collectors contain multiple compartments which can be individually isolated from the rest of the baghouse.  This is necessary for continuous operation, as bag cleaning must be done offline.

Cleaning is accomplished in the following manner.  A compartment is isolated by closing damper valves at the compartment’s air inlet and outlet.  Next, another valve opens, allowing air from a reverse air fan to enter and pressurize the compartment.  This partially collapses the bags and carries the dust, previously deposited on the bag interiors, to the hoppers below.  The reverse air is then stopped and the compartment is returned to filtering mode.  This is repeated in sequence for each compartment until the entire baghouse is cleaned.

The following are some advantages of the BCE reverse air design:

  • Gentle cleaning action provides longer bag life than with a pulse-jet filter.
  • Less overall air consumption than with filter using compressed air for cleaning.
  • High collection efficiency
  • Allows long-term use of fragile bags such as woven fiberglass.
  • Preferable for high-temperature applications

Some disadvantages are the low air-to-cloth ratio (on the order of 2 ft/min) and the need for frequent cleaning due to the cleaning action being much less energetic than a pulse-jet.

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