Process Engineering Expertise

A large part of our work at BCE is related to Process Engineering.  Process Engineering deals with the analysis and design of structures where the sum of forces are not equal to zero.  Air flow and fluid flow is our main area of focus at BCE.  We consider ourselves the premier company for Process Engineering projects and have the project experience to back that claim.

Our Process Engineering staff have years of experience and are ready to handle your needs.

We specialize in providing solutions to custom needs and have proven ourselves time and again to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers.  Whether a project is new or we are called upon to retrofit or redesign an existing system, our goal remains the same.  Our goal is to meet and exceed any and all expectations and provide common sense solutions that work and add value to the overall process that our equipment will be used in.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take an idea and bring it to fruition.

Our process solutions are fully turnkey.  We can do the engineering as well as fabrication and erection.

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