ASME Code Design in Dust Collection and Baghouse Systems

BCE designs, fabricates and installs recovery and contamination protection using ASME code design standards and practices, including BPVC and PTC.  

In many chemical process industries, ASME high-pressure filter vessels are needed to recover product or protect downstream equipment from contamination.  In addition, containment vessels, designed per NFPA 69 to contain dust explosions without external venting, have design pressures of 50 psig.  At positive design pressures above 15 psig, unfired pressure vessels, such as bag filters, are required to be designed and built in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII.

In order to receive the ASME “U” stamp, Code vessels must, amongst other Code requirements, meet the following:

  • Be built in a Code shop.
  • Pressure parts, including bolting, manufactured exclusively of Code quality materials and designed and sized according to applicable rules in the Code.
  • Welding be per ASME Code, Section IX, by Code qualified welders.
  • Receive a hydrostatic test after fabrication at 1.3 times the maximum allowable working pressure.
  • Pass inspection by an accredited ASME Authorized Inspector.

Let BCE engineers design and install the right solution for your system.  Our engineers have extensive experience with designing according to the special requirements of the ASME Code.  We can custom design any vessel to these requirements in even the most demanding environments, such as those found in the petrochemical industry.

Call us and we will assist you in specifying one of these units.

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